Sedation Dentistry

Has fear or anxiety kept you from visiting the dentist? Pain or discomfort doesn’t have to be an excuse for neglecting your oral health. Dr. Hodge offers sedation dentistry, allowing those who fear the pain and discomfort of a dental appointment or procedure to essentially sleep through their dental procedures. Sedation dentistry also allows Dr. Hodge to perform complex procedures in less time.

Oral sedation dentistry is the most common technique used in the United States. A small pill taken before the dental appointment allows you to relax while Dr. Hodge performs needed dental work.

You maintain a level of consciousness that allows you to cooperate and remain responsive during the dental appointment, but you will likely not remember the dental work due to your level of sedation. Of course, you will need a loved one or family member to accompany you to the appointment and care for you after, but sedation allows Dr. Hodge to perform more complex dental work in one appointment and provides you an anxiety-free appointment with little or no memory of any discomfort.

Are you a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

If you suffer from so much anxiety or fear that it may complicate or delay necessary dental treatments, you may be a good candidate. Both children and adults can take advantage of this procedure, especially for major or complicated dental procedures to correct oral health issues.

Of course, any health issues like epilepsy, angina or heart problems should be thoroughly discussed with Dr. Hodge, as these affect sedation dentistry. We also need full disclosure of medications you are taking to help avoid any complications with sedation. However, most people with dental phobia are likely candidates for sedation.

Don’t let fear keep you from cosmetic or restorative dental procedures and improving your smile.