Night Guards

Night guards may be beneficial for those who clench or grind their teeth at night. This condition is called bruxism and can contribute to a variety of ailments like headaches, recurrent migraines, worn teeth or cause TMJ.

Because you are unconscious when you sleep, you may not realize you are clenching or grinding your teeth. If you or Dr. Hodge suspects you have this condition, which can affect people of any age and usually occurs during periods of high stress or anxiety, there are treatment options.

You can be fitted with a dental mouthpiece called a night guard. Night Guards can provide relief from bruxism side effects and save your smile by preventing long-term tooth damage.

I had a dental cleaning today and as always the staff were welcoming and very informative. All in all a great experience. I have been with Dr. Hodge for over 35 years. It is wonderful to find a dental clinic that provides consistent excellent care.
Margaret Hunsperger
03:38 15 Oct 21
I had a good experience with Nia today. She was caring, gentle, and did a great job.
Martha Hoefel
22:53 02 Aug 21
Kelly was very personable and did a great job cleaning. Thanks again for wonderful taco dinner last week.
Susanne Heath
16:39 21 Jul 21
Always have been on time . Quick and efficient. Staff has changed some in the last few years, but they haven't missed a beat.Teeth cleaning is easy and painless. They all do a great job
Reno Griffith
13:56 21 Jul 21
Update: I just had a cap replaced today. My previous cap was put in by a different dentist and it was giving me some problems. I’m so glad Hodge replaced it. This new cap is so smooth, it’s smaller than the old cap which really reduces the pain, and it’s just where it needs to be to make a good bite, but avoid grinding. Hodge really is an amazing craftsman. I’m so glad I found him.Hodge is great. His staff is friendly and thorough. He discusses what he is doing so there are no surprises. There are blankets. The anesthesiologist asks all the right questions and gets it right the first time. Your jaw might hurt for being open for so long, but they will do a good job and it's worth it.
Aubrey Terrill
00:53 14 Jul 21
These guys are the best, so kind
Denise Campbell
00:06 13 Jul 21
I was really surprised when DR. Hodge called me the evening before my first appointment to ask if I had any questions or concerns he could address during my visit the next day. I haven’t had any dentists call me. This was a great gesture and made me feel more comfortable before my appointment.On day of the very, he did a thorough oral exam and explained all the treatment options. He answered all my questions with patience and was honest when discussing my teeth conditions. The cleaning went smoothly as well. Great job team DR. Hodge.
Megan Javidan
20:59 01 Jul 21
I treasure Dr. Phil Hodge's practice and personnel. Today was just a cleaning and I received a thorough and gentle cleaning from Annie there. Had a brief hello from Dr. Hodge. I live 45-50 minutes away (on a good traffic day /time on 405) and it is worth every minute of commute to visit this practice. I've been going here since the early 80's when we lived closer, and I wish I could keep going to Dr. Hodge always. He's the best! His staff is great too!
DianeB Frederick
21:54 16 Jun 21
Dr. Hodge is simply the best. He is always checking up on you after the treatment. His staff is very friendly. I am glad he is my dentist. Thank you Dr. Hodge
Narinder Manj
05:22 27 May 21
I have been a patient of Dr. Hodge’s for 30 years. He is kind, patient and thorough. He and his team do everything to make sure you feel comfortable. Highly recommend.
Christine Thorington
03:08 26 May 21