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Night Guards

Night guards may be beneficial for those who clench or grind their teeth at night. This condition is called bruxism and can contribute to a variety of ailments like headaches, recurrent migraines, worn teeth or cause TMJ.

Because you are unconscious when you sleep, you may not realize you are clenching or grinding your teeth. If you or Dr. Hodge suspects you have this condition, which can affect people of any age and usually occurs during periods of high stress or anxiety, there are treatment options.

You can be fitted with a dental mouthpiece called a night guard. Night Guards can provide relief from bruxism side effects and save your smile by preventing long-term tooth damage.

Dr Hodge is a wonderful, skillful , gentle,and very kind dentist,actually the best I’ve been to ever .He took my fear of going to the dentist completely away.I would highly recommend him to all!
joan barrett
04:42 30 Sep 20
I'm not a fan of the dentist. Dr. Hodge and Co made my visit as pleasurable as possible! I highly recommend!
jacob stern
17:44 24 Sep 20
Wonderful staff, very friendly and caring. Dr. Hodge is thorough and answered all my questions. Definitely recommend!!
Julie Castro
15:03 22 Sep 20
Great skills and organization across the board and, best of all, warm, caring human beings. But about that not taking United dental....... 🤣🤣
Doug Swan
20:38 15 Sep 20
I’ve been going here for about 2 years for cleanings and dental work and they are excellent! The staff and care have always been top notch with impeccable standards. Even during COVID, I’m continually impressed by their professionalism, kindness and of course, cleanliness and attention to detail.
Erin McKeeby
02:22 03 Sep 20
Dr Hodge has been my dentist for a very long time. His office staff and him are very friendly and knowledgeable. They help you to understand what they are doing and what you need to do after your apts. Highly recommend this office.
Beverley Anderson
03:33 02 Sep 20
Dr. Hodge is very caring and does excellent work! Staff are friendly.
Gigi Villa
01:35 11 Aug 20
My mother has been with Dr. Hodge since she was a little girl and all of us kids have followed in her footsteps. The whole staff from the receptionists to the technicians are always lovely and help make the process as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Dr. Hodge is great and super nice as well. Would 100% recommend.
Savannah Edwards
00:53 06 Aug 20
This was my first experience in Dr. Hodge’s office and the entire team was superb! Excellent customer service and the hygienist was passionate about my teeth! Even told me that I had pretty teeth 😂. My experience was equivalent to the service received at Chick Fil A!
Kennarios Kirk
20:19 05 Aug 20
I love the in and out dental cleaning. My teeth feel good and look great!
Michele Lesmeister
01:51 04 Aug 20