Dental Fillings

If you have old fillings made from the silver/mercury amalgams used to fill teeth years ago, you may want to regain a youthful-looking smile by replacing those with composite resin fillings. The amalgam fillings, even in the back of your mouth, don’t portray a young, healthy smile the same way that uniformly colored teeth do. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the safety of the silver/mercury amalgam, you may want to talk with Dr. Hodge about replacing these fillings with composites.

Fillings are more frequently being created from composite resins, which are tooth-colored and difficult to distinguish from natural teeth. Today’s composites are being made out of more durable materials, usually a combination of resin and glass or quartz to repair teeth in a way that creates a natural looking smile.

Ask Dr. Hodge for more information on composite fillings to determine if your amalgam fillings can be replaced without compromising the strength and function of your teeth.

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